The sights and sounds of nineteenth-century England come vibrantly to life in this haunting tale of an Irish girl dreaming of a better life, fighting for survival, and coming of age in a time of chaos and change.


Amid the lush fields and gardens of an English estate, in a kitchen where every meal is a sumptuous feast, a young servant called Paddy anxiously hides her true identity. Desperate to keep the job she needs to survive, Paddy conceals her flaming red hair and covers her body. But the girl, whose real name is Mina, cannot conceal from herself the pain of her past---until she meets a man who convinces her to trust him, a man hiding sorrows of his own.


To the mysterious Mr. Serle—the estate’s skilled and quiet chef---Mina dares to confess her identity and reveal a shattered past. And as Mina and Mr. Serle begin to know each other, an extraordinary journey begins---a journey of faith, adventure, and awakening that will alter the course of both their lives.

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